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A female rabbit can have a litter each month, so having an unneutered bunny can lead to a few more fluffy friends than you might have had in mind.


Living together in harmony


Rabbits are very social animals and enjoy living together. Neutering your rabbits means that they will live together better as a pair as well.

Sexing of rabbits is hard, and mistakes are common, so pet owners can often find themselves taking home a pair of rabbits they’ve been told are two females, only to find that soon one of the females is pregnant. Neutering takes the guesswork out of this and even two females will live together better when both are neutered.

Unneutered males will generally fight if put together, which can lead to injuries and can escalate to serious injury for one or both of the rabbits. Neutering will mean that the males feel less territorial to other males so they can live together with no problems.

Indoor rabbits are increasing in popularity and neutered rabbits make good indoor pets. They can be trained to use a litter tray and often get on well with other animals in the house.


How is neutering done for rabbits?


Female rabbits will have an operation under a general anaesthetic to remove their womb and ovaries. This is called spaying.

Male rabbits have their testicles removed, again under a general anaesthetic. This is called castration.

Both of these procedures are usually done in a day and your rabbit will be able to come back home with you without having to stay overnight.


If you’ve recently got rabbits, or want to consider neutering for older rabbits, speak to your local Best Friends Branch today.


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