Canine Distemper is a virus which would historically wipe out whole communities of dogs before it was brought under control by widespread vaccination in the UK. Whilst it is rarer these days it is an aggressive virus and very serious if caught by your dog.  

There is no cure for Canine Distemper, which is why vaccination is recommended, to prevent your dog catching it in the first place.


What is Canine Distemper?


Canine Distemper is a virus that is related to the measles virus that is present in humans. It is airborne, making it very contagious as direct contact is not always needed to pass it on.

It attacks the lymph nodes and then progresses to many other of the dog’s systems, including the nervous system. Where the virus spreads to the nervous system there is more of a chance of ongoing health problems, so it is important to have any symptoms checked out to catch the virus early.


What are the symptoms of Canine Distemper?


Symptoms of Canine Distemper can include a fever, eye and nose discharge, coughing and loss of appetite. If your dog is displaying any of these then it is a good idea to take them to your local Best Friends Branch as soon as you can to get them checked out.

Puppies are at risk from Canine Distemper, particularly if they have been bred in a bad environment. If you think that your puppy hasn’t come from a good home, then do speak to your Vet who can advise on ways to help you improve their overall health including vaccinations.

Preventing Canine Distemper means regular vaccinations for your dog. If you are unsure whether your dog has had a vaccination for Canine Distemper or are worried that their vaccinations aren’t up to date, talk to us about it today at your nearest Best Friends Branch.


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