Caring for your new puppy

Making your new puppy feel at home


Welcoming a new puppy into your home is always a great feeling. You are excited to have them, they are excited to be in a new place, it is a fun time. With a bit of preparation, you can make sure that you can enjoy everything your new puppy has to offer and be aware of when they might need a little more help from you.




Puppies need specific puppy food. This is usually available wherever you can buy dog food. It is also a good idea to talk about food with your Best Friends Vet as they can advise you if your new puppy needs any particular foods based on their breed or health.


Toileting and House Training


To begin with puppies might be too young to go outside and they need to be house trained over time to let you know when they need to go out to do their business.

You can get puppy pads which help in these early days. They can be put down in places where you think your puppy might want to toilet and will soak up wee and prevent their mess from getting on the floor.

House training takes a while, and plenty of praise. Don’t get upset with them, it is a learning curve and they will get it over time.


A safe space in your home


To begin with puppies will need a space in your home that is safe, where they can’t hurt themselves if they are being curious. A cage crate left open with cushions is good for this, giving them somewhere they can go in and out as they please when they want to rest or feel safe.


Play with care!


Puppies are adorable and full of energy, but it is easy to forget that they are still small and delicate. Be careful with them at first when you are playing with them. Handle them with care when picking them up and handling them.


Being with them


To begin with it’s best not to leave your puppy alone for very long, maybe no more than an hour. As they get older, this will naturally get longer.

It isn’t just that they might get up to mischief while you’re not there, they can also feel abandoned, which can lead to separation anxiety, and bark for long periods of time until you return. You might want to consider taking some time off work to begin with to be with your puppy. Some companies are even starting to offer ‘puppy leave’ to make sure employees with new puppies can take the time they need with them in the first few weeks.


For advice on all your new puppy's needs, please speak to your vet


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