Cat Flu

Cat Flu is a lot like its human equivalent. It is a contagious illness that is transferred by body fluids like saliva and mucus, and your cat will have flu like symptoms, similar to those you have when you have a cold or flu.


Is my cat at risk from Cat Flu?

Cat Flu is contagious, it is spread just like any other virus, through sneezing and contact with bodily fluids such as saliva or mucus. We don’t know where our cats go when they are outdoors, but if they are around other cats then they might be picking up the illness from them.


What are the symptoms of Cat Flu?

As with its human equivalent, the symptoms of Cat Flu can be things like conjunctivas (a yellow discharge in the eyes), a runny nose, persistent sneezing and generally being more lethargic. If your cat has any of these symptoms, or just doesn’t seem to be themselves, then it is a good idea to visit your local Best Friends Vet practice.


How do you treat Cat Flu?

Cat Flu is a virus, which means that antibiotics are often not effective in treating it, unless there are more severe symptoms for your cat. There is no specific treatment for Cat Flu but keeping your cat comfortable at home, keeping their fluids up and encouraging them to eat, and gently wiping away any discharge from their eyes and nose with clean water, are all helpful to get them on the road to recovery. If their symptoms get worse, then do return to your Vet immediately.


Why vaccinate for Cat Flu?

Vaccinating for Cat Flu, as well as for other illnesses, is a vital part of keeping your cat healthy. It will reduce the likelihood that your cat gets Cat Flu in the first place, as well as ensuring that they don’t become a carrier.

Many cats will fully recover from Cat Flu. However, for some felines, once they are a carrier the illness will come back at times of stress and can affect their immune system, meaning that they will be more likely to get other diseases. Having an ongoing health issue, such as Cat Flu, can be difficult and can also be avoided by vaccinating.


Speak to us about vaccinations


We can provide all the vaccinations your cat needs to help keep him or her healthy. If you’re concerned your cat may be suffering with Cat Flu, please contact us and we can arrange for your cat to be seen by one of our vets.


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