Neutering Cats - What do you need to know?

Neutering Cats – What you need to know


In the UK there has been ongoing cat overpopulation, with charities such as the RSPCA warning that their rehoming facilities are overstretched with the number of cats that need their help. Neutering your cat is one way that you can make a difference. Giving a cat a home is great, and ensuring that your cat doesn’t become pregnant, or impregnate other cats, will help too.  Neutered cats prevent unwanted litters.


Why should I neuter my cat?


As well as a reduction in the numbers of cats in the UK, neutering can also make it easier to care for your cat. Most cats have large litters, so first off making sure that you don’t have extra mouths to feed is a good idea as a pet owner.

Having litters, especially multiple litters, has health risks for female cats, so neutering takes away that risk. Male cats who are not neutered are more likely to roam and fight, which can spread disease as well as result in injuries that might need Vet treatment.

There are also benefits for your home. Male cats who are not neutered will spray, leaving their scent around your house and garden. Female cats who are not neutered will come into season, attracting male cats to your house who are looking for a mate, and can be quite vocal about it!


What does neutering involve?


For females, neutering involves the removal of the ovaries and uterus. This is called spaying. Your cat will have a small scar on their left side after the surgery has been done. For male cats, neutering involves the removal of their testicles. This is called castration.

Neutering is a routine surgery and can be done in a day, allowing your cat to be home with you to recover. In most cases they recover quite quickly and will be back to their normal selves in no time.


If you have any questions or would like to book your cat in for neutering, our friendly team at your local Best Friends vet practice are on hand to help.  Contact us now – we’re here to answer your questions.



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