Best Friends Veterinary Group offers surgical facilities where your pet will be given our full attention.

Procedures will be fully explained to you by our staff who are very well versed across the board in surgical procedures, which are carried out in ultra-hygienic conditions with the best of technology at hand.

We carry out a rigorous anaesthetic protocol and your pet will be fully monitored with the administration of necessary pain management where necessary.

If your pet has to be admitted to our Broadway Veterinary Hospital, you can be assured they are in the best place with superb facilities regularly inspected by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Dog Neutering

One of the most common surgical procedures for dogs is castration, your local surgery can advise on the best timing for surgery if you don’t plan to use your dog for stud purposes. It helps to prevent aggression, dominance and medical conditions such as prostate and testicular cancers.

Again if you are not thinking of breeding from your bitch then spaying is recommended to prevent conditions such as pyometra womb infection, breast cancer and phantom pregnancies.

Cat Neutering

We also advise that you have your cat neutered to prevent unwanted kittens and to stop male cats from roaming and spraying.

The procedure helps stop unwanted litters, fighting, territory marking and spraying and reduces the risk of exposure to deadly viruses like flu and the feline leukaemia virus (Felv).

Call your local branch to discuss the best options for neutering your pet.

Vet Cuddling a White Cat