Best Friends Pet Health Club

Our Pet Health Club is the simple way to look after your pet’s health whilst saving money. A healthy,  happy pet needs lots of care and attention over it’s lifetime including vaccinations, worm and flea treatments, and regular check-ups.

By spreading the cost of essential treatments for your dog, cat or rabbit over 12 months, our Pet Health Club makes pet care more affordable.

Your pet gets their annual vaccination against potentially dangerous diseases, and protection against internal and external parasites.

To keep your pet in peak condition, we provide regular health checks with your vet, as early diagnosis of problems will help your pet to live a long, healthy life. Plus, benefit from great discounts with 10% off food, and other services and products. Pet Health Club can help to ease the worry and financial strain  of owning a pet.

For Dogs & Cats

    • Annual Core Vaccinations
      (given at first of the 2 appointments)
    • 50% off primary vaccinations course if plan is taken out at
      the time of first vaccinations
    • Flea and worm control as advised by practice
      (12 months worth dispensed quarterly)
    • 2 health checks per year
      (one of which includes annual core vaccinations)
    • 25% Happy Paws food
    • 10% off all other food
      (including prescription food)
    • 10% off routine neutering*
    • 10% off routine dental procedures*
    • Free nurse clinics
    • 2 free nail clips with nurse per year

    For Rabbits

      • Annual Core Vaccinations
      • 2 health checks per year

    (one of which includes annual core vaccinations)

    • Unlimited free claw clips with nurse per year
    • 10% off food
    • 10% off routine neutering*
    • 10% off dental procedures*
    • Parasite control
      (4 courses per year to aid control of E.cuniculi and intestinal worms)

    * Applies to neutering procedure and dental treatment only.

How do I register

Pick up a registration form at reception.


Vaccinations included in the club

Dogs Cats Rabbits
Distemper Flu Myxomatosis
Hepatitis Enteritis RHD1
Parvovirus Leukaemia

Vaccinations discounted by 25%

Dogs Cats
Kennel Cough (intranasal) Rabies



  • Only £15

Please note:
The discount is available to clients for the stated procedures undertaken entirely and exclusively at Best Friends Veterinary Group.

The Club is administered by Premier Vet Alliance.

Telephone 0117 370 0300 or visit

Full terms and conditions are available on request.