Operating at our highest standards for your pet


There are times when your pet will require surgery, from routine neutering to more complex surgeries.  Best Friends Veterinary Group offers surgical facilities at most of our Branches, where your pet will be given our full attention and benefit from our high-quality veterinary care.

Any surgery that is suggested for your pet will be fully explained to you by our team. Our highly-trained Vets regularly carry out surgical procedures, and many of them specialise in a particular surgical area. All our operations are carried out in ultra-hygienic conditions using the latest technology and surgical equipment available.

We follow a rigorous gold standard anaesthetic protocol meaning you can be assured your pet will receive the best care.

All of our surgeries have passed the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Practice standards scheme where they undergo regular rigorous inspections.


Dog Neutering


One of the most common surgical procedures for pets is neutering. Your Best Friends vet will advise on the best time to neuter your puppy.

For males this will be castration, a surgery that removes the testicles. Neutering helps to prevent aggression, dominance and is good for the overall health of your dog.

For females, neutering is called spaying and involves the removal of the ovaries and womb. This can prevent conditions such as pyometra (womb infection), phantom pregnancies and some cancers as well as improve behaviour and overall health.


Cat Neutering


We also advise that you have your cat neutered to prevent unwanted kittens and to stop male cats from roaming and spraying. Your Best Friends vet will advise on the best time to neuter your kitten.

The procedure helps stop unwanted litters, fighting, territory marking and spraying and reduces the risk of exposure to deadly viruses like flu and the feline leukaemia virus (FeLV).

Call your local Best Friends Vet branch to discuss the best options for neutering your pet.

Some of our other services

Dental Care

Healthy teeth are crucial to your pet’s overall health, we can provide the dental care your pet needs.

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We can advise on the best time to neuter your pet and perform the procedure.

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Best Friends offer a range of vaccinations for your pet, tailored to particular requirements.

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