Helping your pet on the road to recovery

There are certain times when our pets need medication to treat minor ailments such as superficial wounds or infections, or longer-term treatment for more serious or ongoing medical conditions.

Medications for pets are prescribed by your Best Friends Vet the same way your GP prescribes medication for you.  You should only administer medication for your pet that has been prescribed by a Vet, and never buy medications from other sources as you cannot be sure that the correct medication at the right dosage is supplied.

Once your pet’s disease or condition has been assessed, your Best Friends Vet will recommend the most appropriate medicine to treat the ailment. Often this can be dispensed by the Vet and you can pay for and take home your prescription there and then.

Written prescriptions can also be given, but there is a charge for this service so please ring your local Best Friends branch to talk about options.

Administering medication

We know that giving your pet medication can be challenging!  Often pets can be very difficult when it comes to giving routine medications like a worming tablet, so the thought of a 7-day course of antibiotics, for example, can feel very daunting.

Your Best Friends Vet is here to help. They will advise you on how to administer the drug, sharing their tips and techniques to do this as quickly and easily as possible for both you and your pet. Your Best Friends Vet will also give you information on warnings or side effects to look out for. You should contact your Best Friends Vet immediately if you have any concerns about the effect prescribed medication is having on your pet.

As with all medications, make sure you keep your pets’ prescription medication out of reach of both your pet and any children in the house, and ensure that you follow the required dose and frequency as advised by your Best Friends vet.

If you have any concerns about your pet that may require prescription medication, or regarding a prescription your pet is currently taking, please contact your local Best Friends vet who will be happy to help.

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