House calls

Bringing our Vet care to you


We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to get to your local Best Friends Vet Branch. Travel might be difficult for you or for your pet.

All our practices are happy to offer house visits, arranged at a mutually convenient time between the practice and the pet owner. However please be aware that some treatments are unable to be carried out during a house visit.

When the time comes and you sadly must say goodbye to your pet, we also offer a home euthanasia service.  This allows you to keep your ill or elderly pet at home without causing further distress. This can be a real comfort to our pet owners, who want the chance to be with their pets at the end, as well as the chance to say goodbye to them at home, where they have shared their lives.


Please call your local surgery for more information on home calls.

If you need a House Visit, book an appointment so we can find a convenient time to arrange the visit.

Some of our other services

Insuring your pet

Pet insurance can offer peace of mind and we recommend that you consider pet insurance.

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Best Friends can provide prescriptions for specific medications for a range of different conditions.

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We can advise on the best time to neuter your pet and perform the procedure.

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