Exotic Pets

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Exotic pets are becoming more popular, and we are here to help with caring for them.

Some of our practices will quite happily deal with small furries and exotic patients such as rabbits, gerbils, guinea pigs, parrots and other birds, and snakes and other reptiles.

It is best to call your local Best Friends Vet Branch to chat to them before taking your animal in. They will be able to advise you about the service that they can offer, and will often refer you to another local branch where they know there is a Vet there who specialises in looking after your type of pet.


Providing Specialist Care for Exotics at Best Friends Orchid


We are delighted to have the Best Friends Orchid Branch in our group. Based in Brentwood in Essex, they specialise in exotics and are happy to treat all kinds of exotic pets and birds including snakes, lizards, tortoises, bird of prey, parrots, canaries and budgerigars.

They have a dedicated floor in their practice for their more exotic patients, with a separate consultation room, operating theatre and housing for any inpatients who need to stay.

Whatever pet you have, we are here to help you care for them.

Contact your local surgery for more info.

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