Our Services

Here is a range of our services. Our practices include digital radiography, blood pressure, orthopedics, endoscopy, ultrasonography and K-Laser facilities.

What we offer


Best Friends offer a range of vaccinations for your pet, tailored to particular requirements.

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Our vets can perform a range of surgical procedures specific to your pet’s needs.

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We can advise on the best time to neuter your pet and perform the procedure.

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It became law to microchip dogs in April '16, however we advise microchipping other pets too.

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Dental Care

Healthy teeth are crucial to your pet’s overall health, we can provide the dental care your pet needs.

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Exotic Pets

At Best Friends we’re proud to say we can offer veterinary care for exotic pets such as reptiles, parrots or tortoises.

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Saying goodbye

Offering support when hard decisions need to be made

We can advise on cremation services if required. Rest assured you will be treated with sensitivity and respect throughout this sad time.

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There when you need us, 24/7.

Emergency care

Unfortunately, there are occasions when your pet might need emergency treatment. It may have been in a life-threatening accident or have developed a sudden illness, which needs urgent care.

Emergency Care

Pet Health Plan

Annual costs, taken care of. Simple.

Our Pet Health Plan is the simple way to look after your pet’s health whilst saving money. A healthy, happy pet needs lots of care and attention over its lifetime including vaccinations, worm and flea treatments, and regular check-ups.

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We also offer


Best Friends can provide prescriptions for specific medications for a range of different conditions.

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House calls

We are pleased to offer visits by our vets to your home in certain situations to help you and your pet.

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Pet passport

You will require a pet passport if taking your pet outside of the UK – we are pleased to offer a comprehensive service.

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Insuring your pet

Pet insurance can offer peace of mind and we recommend that you consider pet insurance.

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Parasite Control

Best Friends can provide a range of treatments to help protect your pet against fleas, ticks, lice and worms

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Our branch network

Our branch network

We have branches throughout the South East and as far North as Leicester

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